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We Provide Following Facilities to our students.

A very nice Campus Building having lot many facilities by which students can learn in a good environment easily.

1. Library

The Central library facility is equiped with special reading room for students & Teachers it has open access system for the students. The library has large no. of books in various field of education.
  2. ET. Lab
institution having special lab For E.T. This facilitates students to perform their work experiments and gain more practical oriented knowledge with this facility.

3. Psycology Lab
Institute has a psycology lab which benefits the students for studying every aspect of the subject.

4. Computer Lab
Our College has number of present generation computers for the use of students & Staff. In todays competitive edge computer knowledge is essential for every branch of education. We wish to make all our student computer literate, attending computer classes are compulsary for every student. We follow our designed need based computer curriculum to suit the requirement of 21st century teachers.

5. Work Experience Lab
The Institute has well equiped work experience lab to perform students various experiments as per their syllabus requires.

6. Sports Facilities
The Institute provides different types of sports coaching for development of fututre teachers. Through sports training the students learns the spirit of self sacrifice & devotion to the interest of the group. We have special Sports facilities room in our institution to boost the moral of students and keep them ahead in sports.

7. Science Lab
Institution has well equiped science lab with modern facilities, good environment, and all the equipments they require for doing varios analysis on the subjects they are studying.

8. Classrooms
Designed for the need of 21st century & taking care of human body. Every classroom is provided with Modern Educational Technology facilities as to attain effective class room teaching. It ensures 100% timely coverage / traing hall with modern communication & Multimedia equipments.

9. Playground
Institute has a nice playground to keeping in mind the health is wealth we encourage our students to play outdoor games for their overall development.

10. Principle Room
Institution has a well equiped and a separate Principle room for taking noble decisions and form good policies for running the Institution.

11. Office
For Administrative purpose institute has a separate office for addministrative staff which helps students, teachers, parents for various puposes, like admission, enquiry etc.

12. Staff Room
Staff is the main part of any Institution whether it is a teaching or non teaching. We have a special room with all the facilities for our Institute staff.
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